Derek B
Tarot + Crystology Desperately needed some re-balancing and the table session accomploished just that !
Nickie C.
Healing through the Akashic Records
Just took a class with Amy "Healing Through The Akashic Records." 
I highly recommend for anyone wanting to dive deeper into themselves for healing.  Amy is a fantastic teacher! Love her!
The class brought to me clarity and insights for my own self healing. 
Thanks for such a wonderful class.
Leah C.
Healing through the Akashic Records class

This is the third class I have taken with Amy, and each one keeps getting better. Healing Through the Akashic Records creates a safe space for accessing deeply held injuries. It provides a path forward with clear and defined steps toward healing. Amy is thoughtful, compassionate, encouraging and steady. She keeps the pace of the class on point while still allowing individual processes to unfold. For me, being in the Akashic Records while doing personal growth work supercharges everything. The emphasis is on healing as a process with the support of the Akashic realm. This partnership is what makes it so different - I am not trying to figure out everything on my own, or solely with the help of other humans. At the end of the class, I can honestly say that I am able to understand myself better with this work than with many other modalities I have tried over the years. For anyone looking to go deep and get to the root of issues from a spiritual perspective, I highly recommend this class and Amy as a teacher.

Vicki Chossek
Akashic Records Beginning Practitioner Wonderful class, lovely group, great leading from Amy. My only question? What took me so long to decide to take the class?!?!?!
Timothy Q
Nailed it Amy was great. She answered all of my questions and helped me gain perspective on persisting issues in my life.
Fascinating Amy obviously has a deep understanding of and great love for this process and work. She shares both with her students in a very personable and open manner I look forward to taking additional classes with her.
Ashley G
Gentle and healing I recently met with Amy, and really enjoyed our time together. She is compassionate and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend her for any kind of emotional healing!
Wonderful Experiences I have been seeing Amy for a number of years, and recommend her for everything from massage to intuitive insights. She is caring, straightforward, and very effective at both body work and emotional and spiritual healing.
Leah C.
Awesome class! I just finished taking the Advanced Practitioner training with Amy, and I can say that she is a great teacher. Very organized and thorough in her approach to the material. I feel that she creates a safe space for learning and practicing while making it fun at the same time. If you are at all interested in Akashic Records, her classes make them very accessible.
Shelly K
Reiki with Amy This was my first Reiki appointment ever. Amy explained the process. The room was inviting and warm. I felt very relaxed during the session and felt as though I could have fell asleep. Immediately after I had a feeling of overall well-being.
Lynnie Wennerstrom
Amazing Guidance! Amy is incredibly insightful!! She took my convoluted questions and made sense of them so that she could get real answers for me. In my opinion, where Amy shines is her love and deep understanding of others, and her ability to get to the heart of the matter concerning a person. She has so much patience and really does get to the heart of the matter quickly. That is a divine gift and honed skill!! With her guidance and messages from the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, I feel empowered to move forward with confidence. Life may feel difficult at times and like a mystery at others, but with the Divine to guide us, and spiritually aware people like Amy to who are aligned with God/Universe/Source/Spirit/what you call it - to guide us on this plane, life is so amazing! I can hardly wait to take her Akashic Record Reading classes! Life is truly FUN and I hope if you’re reading this, you decide to pursue your own beautiful divinity with Amy soon!!!
Nora M
Wonderful Experience! Amy is a calm and welcoming person, her energy is warm and comforting. My experience was very positive…it’s something that is hard to describe with words. She is an excellent teacher and practitioner. I highly recommend her!
Marisa C
great experience! Amy is awesome at her craft and creates a very welcoming, supportive space.
Akashic Records reading - AMAZING experience Amy has an incredible ability to speak from a place of truth and light. I was looking for clarity and not only did I receive it, but I also found a huge amount of inner peace and recognition. Thank you for your gift and for sharing it with us.
Jose S
Amy is amazing Amy is amazing. She always helps me to find my peace and to open my mind to new possibilities. Thanks to Amy, I’m able to balance my ideas and move forward.
Adele B
Akashic Records I received very valuable information during the reading with Amy and have been using it everyday to make suttle, yet powerful changes in my life for my health on all levels. Thank you, Amy!
Susan R
Perfect reading So grateful to have Amy as teacher and reader. Good to get a second opinion on what I am hearing.
Ann C
Thank you! Love my time with Amy! She always clarifies things for me :)
Leah C
Wonderful session! Amy is incredibly kind and compassionate in her Akashic record reading approach. The information she shared was relevant and helpful. She is also an amazing energy healer and I thoroughly enjoyed the energywork session that came after the reading. I left feeling renewed and relaxed. I highly recommend her!
Ann C
Insightful Worth my time and money. Received clarifications around important issues. Thank you Amy!
Hilary J
Amazing Healer! Amy is an amazing healer! I have been seeing her for about 5 years for crystology and massage and these visits have had a tremendous impact on my wellbeing. Amy personalizes each session to my needs at that time and is consistently friendly, professional, and intuitive. I would highly recommend her services!
Vicky E
Thank you Thank you
On point Amy is very accurately intuitive. I was very pleased with my reading as I felt it was most accurate and confirmed a lot of things for me.
Anita S
Amy is the best I've been going to Amy for reiki for several years, and have followed her from Boulder to Lafayette. Now that I'm living in Maryland, whenever I come back I make an appointment to see her. I highly recommend her!
Winnie X
Magic Amy She has magical hands and elbows! Once you meet her, you would want to stay there fo-re-ver
Julia W
Help with chronic pain Soul Workings has helped me manage my chronic pain in a way that allows me to keep my desk job. I had to quit years ago because I was unable to stay at work for any length of time due to crippling back spasms. The only downside is that I can't go to anyone else now because they seem awful by comparison. I recommend Soul Workings to anyone and everyone who wants to invest in body work better than your standard Fluff and Buff.
Tim L
The best! Amy is truly the best. Highly recommended!
Eric R
Massage Amy is a valuable component of my overall health and wellness health plan
Jean O
Massage It really helped. It released some tightness. I appreciate it. Thank you.
Jebb C
Outstanding service. I've been seeing Amy for many years now and I don't know how I would be doing without her. She's great at working with me and my body ,especially those ares that are causing problems. I've recommended her many times.
Thank you Review of Amy Mak, LMT, BCTMB Hi Amy,
I wanted to thank you again for helping me yesterday!  I really feel so much better today in so many ways.  My right hip feels much better and I can actually walk on it without feeling it.  I am hoping that some yoga plus foam rolling this week keeps it happy.
Thank you again.
Lori L.
massage Amy worked on my psoas which was giving me some trouble. Her technique is amazing and effective! Even though she was working on an area of pain for me, I found the bodywork to be quite relaxing. Amy has a great therapeutic touch, I highly recommend getting bodywork from her!
Reiki Basic class Amy is an excellent teacher. Very relaxed and very practical. I learned a lot and enjoyed the day.
Jean Onaga
60 minute massage Excellent work. The massage really helped.
always a great experience Amy has an amazing intuitive touch. She finds the spots that need attention with almost no input from me, which is great (for me) as I can really relax and reap the benefits of the session fully. She always takes the time to discuss my health and current needs before the session, as well as seeking input afterwards. Beyond that, she is extremely personable and professional at all times. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Excellent Reiki work Amy has been a blessing to me; each session is deep and soothing and powerful. Very interesting, useful messages and symbols also come through, both to Amy and to me during a session. And she always offers a warm friendliness in the opening talk about why you've come and the always fascinating debriefing afterwards.
Massage and Reiki treatment An amazing session with Amy. A effective and relaxing massage followed by an energizing Reiki session. I feel like I can save the world. I feel recharged and complete again.
Julie M
nothing short of amazing Amy continues to listen to me and my concerns, and progresses each session with my needs. I've had shoulder issues since June, and not until meeting with her on a regular basis (after PT, other massage therapists, etc.) have I begun to see results and progress towards a pain free shoulder. Thanks, Amy!
Wonderful, Professional and Good Energy I am seeing Amy for my Scoliosis. I couldn't be happier with all the good she has done to my back and to my soul
John N.
I keeping going back to Soul Workings and Amy because of the results.  After sliding off the side of a mountain while hiking, my back started to severely spasm.  But with Amy's massage prowess and additional Reiki healing, my back has fully recovered.  Amy is always pleasant and professional, seeking the best outcome for me.
I received my Reiki I, II, and III level attunements/certifications with Amy, and I HIGHLY recommend her as a teacher and practitioner.  Her humility and wisdom were a rare find, and although I had initially hoped to study Reiki with a variety of teachers, I found Amy's style, grace, humor, and reliability simply unbeatable.  She has expertly combined her energy practice with a down-to-earth sense of responsibility toward her clients and students, making her easy to reach and communicate with--unlike many other teachers I attempted contacting.  She also hosts free ongoing Reiki Shares for all of her students, which in and of itself is a huge gift.
Steph. K
Amy Mak is awesome!  I love getting massages and having energy work done by her.  I have had other massages elsewhere that were pleasant and relaxing, but I feel like Amy really goes the extra mile to talk to me, find out what I want, what is going on in my life that may be contributing to stress levels, muscle tension, etc.  

She is great at tuning in to my energy and communicating with me throughout the session.  (For example, if I ask her for a full-body massage, but as she gets started she finds a mess of knots in my back she'll ask me if I want her to focus more on releasing the knots or stick to the original plan and do a full-body massage).

I love Soul Workings!  I would absolutely recommend any of their services.
Dianne L.
Review of Amy Mak, LMT, BCTMB Amy changed my life! She has helped my chronic pain in my legs and hips. She is so professional and always takes time to discuss with me to see how she can help me. She is awesome!
Kim V.
Review of Amy Mak, LMT, BCTMB Amy Mak did an excellent job listening to me and my body. The massage was very targeted to my needs and produced great results- less tension, less stiffness, more energetic outlook.
Kim C.
I highly recommend Soul Workings and Amy Mak as a Reiki teacher.  I just completed my Reiki I training and I found the Friday evening and Saturday with Amy and my small class to be a pure Joy.  Her gracious, humble, playful nature allowed each of us to be fully present and grounded in our own humanness as we opened to the powerful flow of Universal Life Force energy.  Amy's Wisdom and Grace combined with her down to earth teaching approach sets her apart from others.  I am grateful that I was able to study my Reiki One with Amy and I would recommend this class to anyone just wanting to do Reiki with friends and family or those wanting to go further in their Reiki journey.  The class is for everyone!
Reiki-master and massage guru. Amy Mak, you rock. Honestly, Amy is a gentle, humble person who washes away the tension and confusion that I can bring with me to a session. She has inspired me enough that sometimes I leave those negative energies behind! Amy is centered, clear-thinking, grounding, wise. Her office space is comforting and vibrant. I am thankful for the support I've received at Soulworkings, and look forward to being trained as a Reiki Master with Amy at the helm. Go and experience the nurturing environment for yourself.
Stop searching... this is the place.. I have been receiving massage and energy work from Amy for years. The professionalism and down-to-earth, holistic approach are why I am a repeat client at Soul Workings. I like going somewhere where I am known by name and my well-being is Soul Workings' highest priority.